About Me

Hey everyone! I'm Jasmine.

Back in 2019, I had an epiphany. The countless purchases of supposedly 'cruelty free, vegan, organic' name brand products that failed to live up to their claims had taken their toll on me. Fueled by frustration, I made the bold decision to establish my own company with a single-minded focus on enhancing both my skin and yours through unwavering dedication and genuine effort.

Our dedication to quality is evident in the fact that approximately 92-98% of our ingredients are certified organic and GMO-free. We take pride in supporting local farmers and sourcing a substantial amount of our ingredients from right here in the mitten state. As we strive to be more eco-friendly, we are expanding our range of 100% vegan products and offering convenient recycling options.

586 Organics is a company that can safely be incorporated into your home, whether you are pregnant, nursing, trying to conceive, or simply desiring a natural organic lifestyle. Our wide range of products ensures there is something for everyone.

now, discover 586 Visuals, a place where you can delve into my mind's creations. From paintings to ethically sourced taxidermy and oddities, as well as jewelry and much more. It's worth checking out! (top of the home page on the right!)

-Much MUCH love, Jasmine + Team

Caffeinated Conversations With Brooke Allen
  • Sent in from Megan L.

    LOOK AT THAT FUCKING CLEAR SKIN GIRLLL. Like legit. I use face powder so it’s not like using foundation. And I use some blush/highlighter. My skin has never thrived so much. Even when I do get a pimple. It’s smaller and feels normal, it also goes away pretty quickly. AND THERE IS NO FILTER ON THIS PIC!
    Just. THANK YOU.
    It Wouldn’t be possible without you! I’d still be going crazy with my nasty chemically filled face wash that stained all my towels and clothes.

  • Sent in from Yvonne B.

    Her products have changed my daughters life!!

    My daughter Destiny has eczema really bad and I have tried everything the doctors could recommend and Literally had NO RESULTS!! I came across this GODDESS and her AMAZING PRODUCTS and our lives have literally changed!! We went from crying at night in the summer because her skin was SO itchy and literally cracked apart and started bleeding to now it is as smooth as a baby's bottom and has no irritation at all!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this AMAZING COMPANY for ALL OF YOUR SKIN NEEDS!!!

    Just to add on to the awesomeness of her products. I have had 3 C sections and I definitely have stretch marks, BUT I purchased her stretch mark cream and GIRL!!!! MY STRETCH MARKS ARE FADING!! So she can get you and your loved ones all the way together you hear me!! I'm telling you, YOU HAVE TO CHECK HER OUT!!

  • Sent in from Cami C.

    its always a good day when i receive a package from 586 Organics go check out Jasmine’s products!